Heavenly Homes is committed to giving you the opportunity to be a part of building your new home rather than just watching. Whether you have a question about the way something is being done, you would like to have something modified, or you just want to walk the house prior to the next stage of construction, we promise to answer all your questions. After all, shouldn’t you know how your home is being built?
Heavenly Homes knows that the complexities of today’s homes are extensive and building to suit all the specific needs of our clients is our top priority. Custom features such as, media rooms, smart homes, safe rooms, wine grottos, and elevators are just a few common features people are requesting in their custom homes today. President of Heavenly Homes, Rory Caton, knows the importance of these custom features and will be assisting you throughout the design, budgeting, and overall construction process. After receiving individual honors in his Construction Science degree, Rory graduated Cum Laude from the College of Architecture at Texas A & M University. Since childhood, he has been fascinated with how and why things work. “I love looking at everything from a small patio to a multi-storied building, analyzing how the form of the structure affects the function, and what could have been done to make it better, whether functionally or aesthetically.” Rory has been blessed with an ability to take geometric shapes and combine them into something that is not only pleasing to the eye, but satisfies the reason for its creation. Now he has taken that natural ability and honed it over time to create wonderful living spaces for every family’s needs here at Heavenly Homes.

Heavenly Homes prides itself on providing efficient, quality trades and not just the lowest bidder for the project. Most of the companies working with us have been with us from the beginning, helping us provide a consistent level of output because everyone knows the level of quality that is required. “If I wouldn’t use a company on my personal home, then I would never dream of using them on your home,” Rory assures.



A custom home exhibits the owner’s style, personality, taste, and experience. Ideally, a close friend should be able to drive past your home and instantly recognize that it exemplifies your personality, even when seeing it for the first time. Style and color come from places you have seen. Texture and shadow come from places you have felt. If Italy is a favorite destination, then perhaps your home will exhibit a Mediterranean style. If a daily retreat revitalizes your spirit, then a secret garden or courtyard may be just the thing for you. Heavenly Homes is dedicated to combining these elements into a home that will not only satisfy your needs, but one that will satisfy your senses as well. Heavenly Homes is rapidly becoming an innovative leader of home design and efficiency. We surpass industry standards across the board:
Our Standards Industry Standards
Foundations Designed by independent engineer designed by engineer
Independent Inspection Company not inspected by an engineer
Supervised Pour by Heavenly professional Unsupervised
Framing #2 Joist & beam materials Weaker #3 materials
1 1/8″ tongue & groove sub-floor Bouncier & noisier 3/4″ sub-floor
All sub-floor & steps glued, screwed, & nailed Not secured to joists
Hardiplank siding, facia, soffit, and friezes Not all hardiplank
Frame inspection by independent company No documented quality inspection
Mechanicals & Insulation Dual Pane, Low-E windows Dual Pane, Low-E windows
R-30 blown cellulose insulation in attic areas R-30 blown insulation
R-6 AC duct work R-6 AC duct work
Polysealed plates, doors, windows, & corners Unsealed areas
Tech Shield/Kool-Ply decking Strand board 7/16″ oriented
Continuous ridge & soffit vents Continuous ridge & soffit vents
Programmable T-stats Mechanical T-stats
50-gallon high-efficiency water heaters 40-gallon water heaters
Matching furnaces with 10 year warranty Unmatched units with shorter warranty
14-seer AC units 12-seer units
Structured Wiring CAT-5 wiring to all telephones and bedrooms CAT-3 without bedrooms
RG6 video cables to all televisions and bedrooms Low grade cable, no bedrooms
Distribution panel- interfaces home electronics N/A
Telecom module- interfaces telephones N/A
Computer network hub- interfaces computers N/A
Network module- facilitates home networks N/A
Video module- interfaces video through home N/A
Fiber optics interface- facilitates connections N/A
Complete security system installed Not included
Details of the Home Custom-built craftsman style cabinets Pre-fab box cabinets
Custom faux finishes Not offered
Selection of interior door styles One interior door choice
Multiple supplies of tiles Limited selections
Variety of lights, appliances, etc. Limited selections
Convection oven Conventional oven
Ultra-quiet multiple-feature dishwasher Standard appliance dishwasher
Complete Design, Project Management, & Design Teams Free design team to facilitate changes Limited changes
Free interior decorating team Expensive interior decorator
Pricing & programs to encourage changes Discouraged changes at high prices
Committed to quality & service Not as committed to your needs
smart home technologyHeavenly Homes believes the future is now. That is why we include “Smart-Home Technology” in all of our homes. A “Smart Home” will allow you to integrate all of your phone, data, and cable lines throughout your home into a common location where they all can be controlled. Integration of state-of-the-art security and lighting-control systems, superior voice and data communication networks, cinema-quality video solutions and sensational sound systems all controlled through a single interface. Our custom lighting-control system will allow energy savings, aesthetic appeal, convenience, ambience, and security. Our whole-house audio packages allow you to enjoy your favorite music while you relax by the pool, entertain guests in the living room, or socialize in the game room. Many companies refer to networking as a bundle of wires rolled up behind a metal panel. At Heavenly Homes, we pride ourselves in not only the functionality of the wiring, but also its precision installation. Many of today’s electronic devices come equipped with a technology that works seamlessly with others, such as, high-speed internet access and innovations in home networking. Through structurally engineered wiring solutions created specifically around your lifestyle, we make your daily activities much more enjoyable. From the conservative to the extravagant, Heavenly Homes takes the guess work out of the challenges associated with today’s technology making every electronic entertainment device work together in harmony.

These are just some of the capabilities that are available in every Heavenly Home. But there is more! Having the basic wiring for a “Smart Home” also enables the Client to use the endless capabilities and customization of “Home Automation.” Imagine walking into your home from the garage and your home already knows you are there. From the time you pushed the button on the garage door opener the camera on your driveway began recording to ensure it was you and not an intruder. Simultaneously the garage lights come on to help light your path to the door. Then when you open the door and enter your security code you have confirmed that you are home and that puts your home into action. Instantly the hall lights to the kitchen come on and light your way. Then the kitchen lights and the master bedroom, bathroom and closet lights also turn on. The A/C begins to cool to your pre-determined temperature, the TV turns on to your favorite station and the radio begins playing your favorite music throughout the home via your home audio speakers. All of this before you can even put your groceries on the countertop. Home Automation is the next step to making your home conform to your lifestyle. You tell it what to do and when to do it and never have to worry about it again. All you need to control all of these features or to watch your home live through the security cameras is internet access. Yes, even on your wireless laptop from the Grand Caymans or your favorite coffee shop. Never worry about what is happening at your home again and be greeted like royalty each and every time you come home by hundreds of invisible servants. Never before has all of this technology been available at the prices Heavenly Homes has been able to negotiate. Because Heavenly Homes has been recognized has a Technology leader we are one of three builders in the Houston area that has this technology at an affordable price. Furthermore Heavenly Homes is the only builder in the Houston area that is including this system standard in many of our homes. Please go to our subdivision The Lakes of Sterling Gate to view this technology in person or contact us for more information.


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